79 year old retired PE teacher rescues 87 year old from deep ditch

So we spent the weekend with my Mum and Dad by the sea. Said our goodbyes and drove home. Once home did the traditional ‘ring to say you got home safely’. No UFO abductions on the way back on this occasion

Mum is quite excited on the phone. I must tell you what happened, she says. It’s been quite exciting here. She continues, she was walking the dog on the common and saw an elderly lady (87) on an out of control moped,  hurtle past right into a 6-foot deep brook. Mum runs .. I interrupt – Runs? Yes, of course runs, she says, she runs to the ditch to see the women pinned under the moped in the water. A young (age unknown) women who has been chasing the lady jumps down on one side whilst Mum jumps down on the other. I say, you jump down? Yes, of course, she says, she thought the lady might be dead, she says. She says she left the dog with another person of course. Very sensible, I say. A man manages to lift the scooter up a bit and, mum hauls her out. I say – you hauled her out? Mum at your age? Well, she says, the other people didn’t seem to know what to do. They were on their mobile phones calling 999 I think. The paramedics didn’t seem to want to come out but once the lady was on the bank she thought she could stop leading the rescue. The lady thanked her.

Mum – 79 years old – Recovering from a brain tumour – Retired Secondary PE and Dance teacher.

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